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Bringing your science to life through expert medical communication and modern bespoke design


Digital Media

  • Bespoke animation/videos
  • Media-rich content
  • Social media, blogs, digital advertising and analytics
  • Apps
  • Bespoke live video
  • Virtual conferences
  • Exploratory interactions (interactive PDFs/infographics)

Medical Writing

  • Publications
  • Regulatory submissions
  • Online content and editorial services
  • Internal, HCP and patient communication
  • Congress abstracts, posters and presentations
  • Sales rep support
  • Scientific slide kits

Medical Education

  • Content for CME programmes
  • Bespoke e-learning
  • Internal medical education programmes and platforms
  • Bespoke educational videos
  • Disease area/product-specific training
  • Content creation for client platforms
  • Accreditation process
  • Training toolkits (multimedia formats)

Why we're different

Here at InkLab, we create a bespoke team to take your science and formulate a resounding success story.


‘Ink’ represents our creative digital design gurus, who work closely with our prize-winning medical and instructional designers to translate statistics and words into compelling messages.


The ‘Lab’ houses our highly qualified scientists and medical writers, with experience from lab research to brand promotion and every step in between.


Together, we provide you with solutions and service levels that deliver beyond expectation.


Meet our expert team of medical writers, digital designers, instructional designers and marketers. We have the training and background to translate the complexities of science to professional and lay audiences. Furthermore our experienced co-founders and directors provide trusted counsel and strategic insight into all projects, from concept to completion.

Peter Carlin

As a learning professional since 2000, I have delivered innovative, modern and complex solutions across many blue chip organisations. As much as I am passionate about learning, mountain biking does however take precedence.

Paul McKay

I have worked to support technology companies in the delivery and procurement of Certified Classroom Courses, Blended Certification Programmes and custom elearning packages.

Anna Gillespie, PhD

I'm passionate about science, health & nutrition and the wonders of medicine. In my spare time, you will usually find me taking photos, writing songs and lifting heavy things in the gym.

Phil Lucas, MPH

With a background in Medical Communications, I enjoy creating medical content for leading pharmaceutical companies. Outside work, I love all things rugby and have represented Barbados at the Commonwealth Games.

Chris Martin

I love building marketing strategies for new technology products and distributing them to the right people, at the right time, with the right message. Away from work I’m a film, art and sports junkie.

Erin Doherty

I love to tell visual stories and really enjoy digital illustration and creating imaginative user journeys and experiences. I am also a coffee addict with a love for music on vinyl.

Darren Rooney

I am a self-confessed design geek, passionate about art, film, technology and gaming; and away from the iMac, football. When I design I aim to create innovative experiences that users love.

Anna Dillon, PhD

I have worked for several years as an editor and proofreader in the areas of education, law and financial services. Language and learning are two of my greatest passions; I love using words creatively to change how we think and act.


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