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Bringing your science to life through expert medical communication and modern bespoke design



Digital Media

  • Bespoke animation/videos
  • Media-rich content
  • Social media, blogs, digital advertising and analytics
  • Apps
  • Bespoke live video
  • Virtual conferences
  • Exploratory interactions (interactive PDFs/infographics)

Medical Writing

  • Publications
  • Regulatory submissions
  • Online content and editorial services
  • Internal, HCP and patient communication
  • Congress abstracts, posters and presentations
  • Sales rep support
  • Scientific slide kits

Medical Education

  • Content for CME programmes
  • Bespoke e-learning
  • Internal medical education programmes and platforms
  • Bespoke educational videos
  • Disease area/product-specific training
  • Content creation for client platforms
  • Accreditation process
  • Training toolkits (multimedia formats)

Why we're different

Here at InkLab, we create a bespoke team to take your science and formulate a resounding success story.


‘Ink’ represents our creative digital design gurus, who work closely with our prize-winning medical and instructional designers to translate statistics and words into compelling messages.


The ‘Lab’ houses our highly qualified scientists and medical writers, with experience from lab research to brand promotion and every step in between.


Together, we provide you with solutions and service levels that deliver beyond expectation.


Meet our expert team of medical writers, digital designers, instructional designers and marketers. We have the training and background to translate the complexities of science to professional and lay audiences. Furthermore our experienced co-founders and directors provide trusted counsel and strategic insight into all projects, from concept to completion.

Peter Carlin

As a learning and communications professional for 20 years, Peter has delivered innovative, modern and complex solutions for many organisations. He enjoys cycling the length and breadth of the globe.

Paul McKay

Having supported many companies to push their training and communications forward, Paul has extensive digital learning expertise and a passion for medcomms. Outside of work he can be found on the golf course.

Anna Gillespie, PhD

With a love of science, health, nutrition, and the wonders of medicine, Anna has a vast experience in designing and delivering medical communications and educational content. In her spare time, she enjoys exercise, photography, and writing songs.

Phil Lucas, MPH

With a background in science and healthcare, Phil writes and develops a vast range of engaging and informative medical content for leading pharmaceutical companies. Outside of work, he is a rugby fan and even represented Barbados at the Commonwealth Games.

Chris Martin

Chris has extensive experience in delivering high-impact brand communications, and with his expertise in analytics, he creates engaging medical marketing campaigns. Outside of the office, he enjoys films, art, and sports.

Erin Doherty

With a love of visual storytelling, Erin brings medcomms to life through digital illustrations and interactive user experiences. In her spare time, you’ll find her drinking coffee while listening to vinyl records.

Darren Rooney

As a self-confessed design geek, Darren is passionate about creating outstanding digital experiences and medical resources that users love. In his spare time, he enjoys art, film, technology, gaming, and football.

Anna Dillon, PhD

Anna has many years’ experience as an editor and proof-reader in the areas of education, law, finance and medicine. With a love of language and learning, she creates medical communications that can reach every audience. Some of her favourite pastimes are reading, writing and watching foreign language TV series.


How to successfully measure success

The pressure mounts for publications and medical affairs teams to demonstrate the effectiveness of their activities, and so too does the temptation to stick with traditional metrics of success and the ones that make us look good. However, is that really effective?

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Social media and the anti-vaccine movement

Vaccinations are estimated to save 2–3 million lives each year; however, with misinformation and ‘fake news’ so easily spread across social media platforms, the anti-vaccine movement has gathered momentum and threatens to undo substantial progress made against multiple preventable diseases.

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The future of effective HCP communication

Compliant, obedient, and unknowledgeable. That’s how the patient landscape used to look to HCPs. Patients were wholly reliant on HCPs to provide them with the correct diagnosis and the most appropriate medication to improve…

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PR plan for Pharma

The price of researching and developing new medicines is very high and so ensuring that a new drug is adopted is of paramount importance to pharma companies. Having a strategic Public Relations (PR) plan will help…

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