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Medical Writing Checklist

Medical Writing Checklist We, at Inklab Communications, have put together a helpful checklist for medical writers to use in order to hone and add value to a prospective powerpoint slide deck.

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Oncology Writing Tips

Read In the wake of the 21st Century Cures Act (December 2016), the FDA has determined to accelerate the development of novel therapies and increase the speed of the review process, particularly in the field of cancer research.

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RNA Vaccines

Vaccination is a crucial preventative measure to protect against disease and has helped to eradicate epidemics like smallpox and polio. They enable our bodies to respond more effectively to infection by mimicking the structure of the infectious agent. RNA (sometimes referred to as messenger RNA or mRNA) vaccines, are a new type of vaccine that has recently been developed. They rely on a different way to mimic infection to induce an immune cell response.

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medical writing

Medical writing – what is it?

This blog will give a brief insight into the discipline of medical writing such as the various type of writing involved and the skills required of a medical writer. If you require medical writing…

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continuing medical education

The future of continual medical education

Effective continuing medical education (CME) programmes raise standards and enable HCPs to improve knowledge and skills through lifelong learning.

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Global med comms need expert translations

Are you new to medical translation and localisation? In this guest post, Sophie Howe, Director of Comtec Translations, looks at key considerations for translating global medical communications.

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How to successfully measure success

The pressure mounts for publications and medical affairs teams to demonstrate the effectiveness of their activities, and so too does the temptation to stick with traditional metrics of success and the ones that make us look good. However, is that really effective?

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Social media and the anti-vaccine movement

Vaccinations are estimated to save 2–3 million lives each year; however, with misinformation and ‘fake news’ so easily spread across social media platforms, the anti-vaccine movement has gathered momentum and threatens to undo substantial progress made against multiple preventable diseases.

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The future of effective HCP communication

Compliant, obedient, and unknowledgeable. That’s how the patient landscape used to look to HCPs. Patients were wholly reliant on HCPs to provide them with the correct diagnosis and the most appropriate medication.

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