The future of effective HCP communication

Compliant, obedient, and unknowledgeable. That’s how the patient landscape used to look to HCPs. Patients were wholly reliant on HCPs to provide them with the correct diagnosis and the most appropriate medication to improve…

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PR plan for Pharma

The price of researching and developing new medicines is very high and so ensuring that a new drug is adopted is of paramount importance to pharma companies. Having a strategic Public Relations (PR) plan will help…

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fake drugs

Why a no-deal Brexit means more fake pharma

Medicines are the most common medical intervention used across the UK and Europe. Unfortunately, falsified or fake medicines are entering global supply chains and have become a leading public health concern worldwide

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BREXIT and the pharma industry

Brexit is only a stone’s throw away yet there are increasing concerns regarding the effect it will have on the pharmaceutical industry and the supply of medicines to patients.

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Key opinion leaders

KOLs have an influential quality coveted by pharmaceutical companies. In this blog, we look at the role of KOLs and how to create an effective partnership with them.

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Tailoring medical messages to different audiences

There is an ever-increasing demand for medical writers to create medical messages that not only captures the attention of the intended audience but that the intended audience can access and process.

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What makes a good medical education video?

Medical educational videos are so helpful. They can illuminate abstract concepts and visualise hard to grasp mechanisms that are so often involved when describing biological or pharmacological processes.

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crispr for dummies

CRISPR for dummies: Changing the face of healthcare

This blog is about an exciting new development in disease treatment – gene editing. Our medical writing team explain the basics of CRISPR, a new gene-editing tool.

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medical writing

Medical writing – what is it?

This blog will give a brief insight into the discipline of medical writing such as the various type of writing involved and the skills required of a medical writer. If you require medical writing…

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