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Medical Writing Checklist

Medical Writing Checklist We, at Inklab Communications, have put together a helpful checklist for medical writers to use in order to hone and add value to a prospective powerpoint slide deck.

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Oncology Writing Tips

Read In the wake of the 21st Century Cures Act (December 2016), the FDA has determined to accelerate the development of novel therapies and increase the speed of the review process, particularly in the field of cancer research.

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RNA Vaccines

Vaccination is a crucial preventative measure to protect against disease and has helped to eradicate epidemics like smallpox and polio. They enable our bodies to respond more effectively to infection by mimicking the structure of the infectious agent. RNA (sometimes referred to as messenger RNA or mRNA) vaccines, are a new type of vaccine that has recently been developed. They rely on a different way to mimic infection to induce an immune cell response.

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PR plan for pharma

The price of researching and developing new medicines is very high and so ensuring that a new drug is adopted is of paramount importance to pharma companies. Having a strategic Public Relations (PR) plan will help…

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fake drugs

Why no-deal Brexit means fake pharma

Medicines are the most common medical intervention used across the UK and Europe. Unfortunately, falsified or fake medicines are entering global supply chains and have become a leading public health concern worldwide.

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Brexit and the pharma industry

Brexit is only a stone’s throw away yet there are increasing concerns regarding the effect it will have on the pharmaceutical industry and the supply of medicines to patients.

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Key opinion leaders

KOLs have an influential quality coveted by pharmaceutical companies. In this blog, we look at the role of KOLs and how to create an effective partnership with them.

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Tailoring messages to different audiences

There is an ever-increasing demand for medical writers to create medical messages that not only captures the attention of the intended audience but that the intended audience can access and process.

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crispr for dummies

Crispr for dummies

This blog is about an exciting new development in disease treatment – gene editing. Our medical writing team explain the basics of CRISPR, a new gene-editing tool.

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