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Improving Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Clinical Trials

Enhancing diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) in clinical trial populations is a moral imperative. It has long been acknowledged that DEI is crucial for broadening the scope, creativity and innovativeness of medical research and bolsters success in solving complex problems whilst reducing inequities in health and disease.

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InkLab Medical Communications

Effective continuing medical education (CME) programmes raise standards and enable HCPs to improve knowledge and skills through lifelong learning.

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Medical Writing Checklist

Medical Writing Checklist We, at Inklab Communications, have put together a helpful checklist for medical writers to use in order to hone and add value to a prospective powerpoint slide deck.

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Tailoring messages to different audiences

There is an ever-increasing demand for medical writers to create medical messages that not only captures the attention of the intended audience but that the intended audience can access and process.

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crispr for dummies

Crispr for dummies

This blog is about an exciting new development in disease treatment – gene editing. Our medical writing team explain the basics of CRISPR, a new gene-editing tool.

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What makes a good medical education video

Medical educational videos are so helpful. They can illuminate abstract concepts and visualise hard to grasp mechanisms that are so often involved when describing biological or pharmacological processes.

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How to make a scientific poster

The history of posters is rather interesting. Posters were used primarily for advertising and announcements – e.g., for drumming up excitement and anticipation for the arrival of the circus.

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Immunotherapy – the greatest cancer hack

Your body’s own immune system is the best weapon against cancer. That’s the claim behind one of the latest developments in cancer treatment, called immuno-oncology, a specialised type of immunotherapy.

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